Sponsor Gay Pride in Puerto Rico - WINTER PRIDE FEST 2020 - Virtual Edition

WINTER PRIDE FEST 2020 (12-10 to 12-13, 2020)

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Sponsor Gay Pride in Puerto Rico - WINTER PRIDE FEST 2020 - Virtual Edition

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WPF 2020
WPF "Meet and Greet" Raffle Winners with Alyssa Edwards

It's Time to Submit Your Content for WPF 2020

Text: (787) 220-4204, (9am-7pm, EST).

Winter Pride Fest
Virtual Edition


Drag Performers and VOGUERS: 
1) Please submit content of MAXIMUM 4 minute performance for Winter Pride Fest.  Ideally this goes along with this years WPF theme. (to be announced November 2nd)

2) Submit Video Content should be filmed horizontally.  Videos submitted will be reviewed before being included in the Winter Pride Fest lineup.

3) Deadline to send video for this years’ WPF is November 27th 2020. 

4) Performance will have a prize of $400 1st place and $200 2nd place.  Details on how the winner will be picked will be forthcoming.

5) All performers must send in the email their Social Media to promote, and their personal accounts for tips.  We will add WPF accounts allowing you to get tips from multiple sources.  Our target audience is the states.  

OTHERS:  We also are looking for non profit LGBTQ organizations.  We’d love to promote your organization.  Tape a one minute video.  Our target audience is the states so videos should be in English primarily, and mention Winter Pride Fest.   Visit our Non Profit page for further details.

"It takes some intelligence and insight to figure out you're gay and then a tremendous amount of balls to live it and live it proudly."

Jason Bateman, Actor

Winter Pride Fest 2020

We want every employee to bring their authentic selves to work and to use their diverse perspectives to contribute in a unique and meaningful way to our mission at Bristol Myers Squibb.

Winter Pride Fest 2020

Cruz Roja Americana Capítulo de Puerto Rico. Nuestra visión es cultivar una Cruz Roja culturalmente competente e inclusiva, donde la composición de nuestros voluntarios, empleados y donantes refleje a los clientes y las comunidades a las que servimos y donde nuestros servicios se ofrecen de una manera culturalmente sensible y apropiada.

Winter Pride Fest 2020

We, Miller Lite, are incredibly proud to continue supporting programs and services that positively impact the LGBTQ community

Winter Pride Fest 2020

We support diversity and the small business community in San Juan, Puerto Rico.  WINTER PRIDE FEST is a bldbtr.com website. 

What Our GUESTS say...

Sponsor WPF 2020

I loved WPF! April Carrion as the host was amazing but it was awesome to get a pic with Alyssa Edwards as well. Look forward to next year.

Ubi Aaron

ATTACHMENT DETAILS Winter-Pride-Fest-Gay-LGBTQ-Gay-Pride-in-Puerto-Rico-WPF-review

The WPF drag shows were wild!. What a stellar party! Winter Pride Fest is now definitely a pride not to miss.

Carlos H

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Thank You to Partners that chose to SPONSOR GAY PRIDE in PR in 2019


The Gayest Guest House in San Juan Puerto Rico

Choose several units in the same villa, or Privatize the Entire Villa.


Puerto Rico Gay Chamber of Commerce

Leading the way for gay-owned businesses in Puerto Rico and local supporters of an inclusive and diverse professional community

revista G winter pride fest

G Magazine is for today's stylish gay man!

We have sections on Fashion, Personalities, Gay Life, Tourism, Couples, Entertainment, Sex and Art

HALLÒ is made to earn a supplemental income in Puerto Rico.

The creation of HALLÒ in Puerto Rico was sparked by the founders’ drive in improving the quality of work-life for their community. The idea of HALLÒ is to enable a new way of earning supplemental income for
whatever skills people are great at.

senor frogs gay pride puerto rico sponsor

At Señor Frog’s the only rule to follow is to follow no rules!

Señor Frog’s was the venue for the 2019 WPF 2 Tropical Bottomless Burlesque Brunch featuring April Carrion and many other performers.

BLD BTR Website Design Company.

NYC-style Website Design Company and Digital Marketing Company in San Juan, PR. WINTER PRIDE FEST 2020 Agency of Record

What Our GUESTS say...

ATTACHMENT DETAILS Winter-Pride-Fest-Gay-LGBTQ-Gay-Pride-in-Puerto-Rico-WPF-review

We left NYC where we were wearing layers and still freezing and spent two-weeks in Puerto Rico, and mostly on the beaches. San Juan is our new gay-friendly favorite place. Had so much fun at 420-hotel.

JIll Kenney

ATTACHMENT DETAILS Winter-Pride-Fest-Gay-LGBTQ-Gay-Pride-in-Puerto-Rico-WPF-review

The WPF drag shows at Circo were wild and so much fun. What a stellar sexy party! Winter Pride Fest is now definately the funnest and most popular PRIDE event in Puerto Rico.

KT Herrera

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